Is your phone safe? Top 12 ways to secure your device!

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Keep your device secure with these 12 tips from DelmarvaRepair™

You need your device repaired but who can you trust? Would you hand your device over to anyone? Do you really want the repair guy down the street having access to your personal data?

At DelmarvaRepair™ you never have to worry about your device getting into the wrong hands. Troy Ventures™ employees go through a vigorous multi-level background check. You can be confident that your private data remains where it should—locked safely within your device. Not only can the experts at DelmarvaRepair™ get your device up and running with our Same Day Repair Service, they can perform risk analysis, encryption services and network security to viruses, malware and cyber-attacks at bay.
Technology is ever-changing and progressing, making our lives more convenient, bringing knowledge and power to our fingertips. However, that convenience comes with risks. Doing something as simple as checking your email at a local coffee shop can expose you to these risks. It’s important to educate yourself on some best practices when using your device in order to keep you and your data safe.

DelmarvaRepair™ device safety recommendations:


  1. Setup strong passwords to prevent unwanted users from accessing your device if lost or stolen.
  2. Use a “find my device” tool- These Geo Location apps are helpful if you ever lose or misplace your device. Some programs even provide the ability to wipe data remotely.
  3. Verify that “https” is in the URL instead of “http” when shopping online and before giving any credit card information.
  4. Get your device and network encrypted.
  5. Pay attention to warning messages about businesses or websites that can be harmful to your device.
  6. Install up-to-date antivirus protection (DelmarvaRepair™ can recommend which ones will work best for your device).
  7. Keep your operating system up to date.
  8. Review and research apps before downloading.
  9. Disable Bluetooth capability. This can prevent unwanted users from accessing your device.
  10. Make sure the “ask to join network” capability is enabled on your device and only join networks you know and trust.
  11. Do not open any links coming from an unsolicited SMS text.
  12. Back up your data regularly.
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