3RD EYE STUDIO is located in Lewes, DE, boasting technology that is as a result of loads of research and physical experimentation with the operation and recording of video from the sky.

Anyone on the lookout for an idea or in need of footage for an event, movie, or object can take full advantage of the power-packed services we offer, with the likes of previously inconceivable angles now available at a very affordable price.

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Our Remote controlled quad-copters are able to capture aerial views and angles unlike any other mediums on the market. We have the ability to operate at heights up to 400 feet or as low as a few feet off the ground. We are also able to achieve very close up shots and viewing in otherwise unsafe conditions for a person to go. Using GPS technology we can capture unique footage not normally achievable with real helicopters or cranes. Our remote quad-copters have built in real time video sending feeds so our ground operator and gimbal operator is able to see exactly what the on-board HD camera is shooting. This allows the operator to visualize the filming in real-time, reducing editing time and post production costs whilst capturing footage that will astonish audiences.

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